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– More casino games to choose from
– Support different platforms
– Safe and reliable

– Only Filipino and English interface

Welcome to Voj8, Brazil’s most popular legal online gambling suite. They are committed to providing a complete gaming service and your favorite gaming games that you can enjoy from the convenience of your home. As online casinos become more and more popular in Brazil, their goal is to provide a unique and rewarding experience.
For their loyal members, they offer exciting bonuses and free bets with the chance to win incredible prizes. Don’t miss out – sign up now to receive promotions and enjoy a fully integrated gaming experience with Voj8!

Voj8 app betting is more convenient and more user-friendly

It is very simple to bet on Voj8 games. It not only provides web version and mobile version betting, but also can download the latest voj8 app here. It is easier to use the app to enter the game platform, and the program is compatible with iOS and Android, which is more convenient and fast to use

Voj8 Online Casino Most Popular Games

Slot games
The slot machines have been the favorite of players for many years and has remained popular so far. With the most game variety and diverse formulas, making the Casino game more popular among players.Voj8 live casino
Play the best worldwide Casinos, like Roulette, Baccarat and Sic Bo with trained professional croupiers. You can play directly on your smartphone screen, they have IOS and Android versions.

Voj8 lottery
Voj8 Lottery also has it for you. With easy access and cash withdrawal, they have MEGA SENA, LOTO FÁCIL, LUCKY DAYE , DUPLA SENA and QUINA. Also have 10 types of lotteries from all over Brazil. Draw every day of the week, not including Sunday.

Fishing game
Their fishing game is a very popular game. This is a super addictive and fun game. The high resolution image of the fish, exciting music and colorful background are the biggest attractions of this game. With many interesting fish, this game will make you feel like fishing together with them.

Sports Betting
They offer you a variety of sports bets on Brazilian teams, in addition to the world. They have up to 4,000 varieties of sports, as well as being able to place bets online and for mobile betting. Make the deposit and get up to 3,000 reais in bonus !!

Best Promotions and Bonus

  • 100% Welcome Bonus
    In all Voj8 Club Slot Machine games win up to 6,000 reais in bonuses.
  • 20% Casino Promotion
    Enjoy up to 20% welcome bonus on all games. Win up to 6,000 reais in prizes
  • Voj8 Entry Award
    Immediately earn 260 reais for betting after you sign up for Voj8
  • 0.2%&0.3% Return Every Week on Sports Betting
    Score return on sports betting every week. At Voj8 it will be 0.2% return on sports bets and 0.3% on games.
  • Free Spins On Voj8 Online Slot Machine
    Get free accumulating points on the Slot Machine, earn up to 300 points to bet and you can even win 10 free spins!
  • Deposit Every Day And Get 10% Bonus
    Enjoy daily deposit bonuses, 10% on eSports, payout bonuses up to 1,500 reais, deposit every day and win prizes every day!

Voj8 Security

Voj8 Casino uses a global security system which is among the most advanced, protecting sensitive player data. Additionally, it has an SSL option, so you can register and deposit worry-free. An SSL system prevents others from accessing your personal information, making your experience much safer.

24-hour service

Take your gaming experience to a higher level with Voj8. This platform is definitely an experience you need to try. With their remarkable 24h support, you will never have a problem accessing the tools and games provided. We offer an exclusive interface for iOS, Android and desktop users. With the largest online sports lottery available in Portugal, you can choose from different types of games and prizes.

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